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Window art manifestations with a difference!

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Here at Office Envy, we love coming up with creative solutions to office interiors and design. As you may have seen, our Deeside office and showroom has seen some major refurbishment! The timing of this ‘glow up’ was pretty dire, with covid restrictions and lockdowns, meaning the opening event is still on ice! However, we endeavour to push on and make it the best office and commercial showroom in the area, ready to welcome you all! One stylish touch however has proven to be a hit – hand drawn window manifestation artwork!

Our Office Space

Our office and showroom space has many exciting elements. The lovely meeting room is well equipped for hosting internal or third party business gatherings, with large screen, suspended Allsfar ceiling acoustic planks (read our blog post on impressive acoustic solutions here), Hood ergonomic chairs (available to buy here)… not to mention the steady stream of refreshments from the gorgeous LED illuminated, slate kitchen station with boiling/sparkling/chilled filtered water tap.

Glass Art Manifestations



Images from our research. Shop windows proved a great source of inspiration.

Linked inspiration image linked inspiration image



However, we wanted to add a bit more quirkiness and artistic flair to the oak framed glass window and door that fronted the office meeting room. The open plan design of our space is great at making you feel connected and we love the flow of the space and it’s various zones. The zone definition is aided by the smart use of flooring. Carbon neutral carpet tiles from Interface, are surprisingly luxurious and made from recycled materials. The clever choice of natural tones, finishes and textures have been played with to create striking, yet practical room transformations (all thanks to Trudy’s amazing creative thinking). We intentionally continued the main zig zag pattern through to the meeting room so it could be seen through the glass and open the space up. However, there was opportunity to create a little more privacy and add somefluid creativity on the glass partition that can be removed and updated easily. No one wants to feel like they are in a fish bowl after all!

After much thought we chose an organic, natural design for our glass manifestations. Here at Office Envy, we love plants and our workplace is scattered with foliage! A natural piece would also help soften the geometric lines of the carpet. We had formed an artwork concept however, with covid restrictions and many sign workshops closed, we had to get creative (quite literally) in how to make it a reality!

Getting creative!

Luckily, we have creative talent on our side! White chalk marker pens and an artist eye were the answer!

Mollie Gabriel soon illustrated not only the meeting room partition but also our glass front door. Using a variety of marker widths, both definition and delicacy were achieved in the office artwork. A circular motif enabled changeable or seasonal text to be added… such as ‘Welcome’ on the front door.

We added the name of the wonderful team who came to use the (socially distanced) space for a day (prior to lockdown). Line drawings of flowing foliage, leaves and floral blooms have transformed the entire space adding an improved functionality and subtle screening, whilst oozing personality and style.



We love this alternative and creative solution. Do you?

Please get in touch if you have any interior office design challenges of your own!


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