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Working remotely has been a 2020 phenomenon we have all had to embrace, but no one more swiftly and efficiently than Kingspan in North Wales. During the early days of lockdown, Office Envy were engaged to create meeting rooms that truly connect. We altered existing meeting rooms to enable remote emotional connection across the international business divisions through effective video conferencing. The IT Department was driving for technical perfection across their international business, with perfect visuals and sound.

Office Envy are proud to work with industry leaders, Kingspan for many years (see case study here). We have worked closely on maximising the workspace to accommodate the consistent Kingspan growth, creating practical, healthy and dynamic workspaces – They never stand still and we love it! We were excited to get stuck into their latest project of giving their meeting rooms a practical face lift.

Meeting rooms were always in high demand, although there was a recognised issue of external noise leaking in and internal echo. The white walls and ceilings were at unusual angles in the architecturally interesting building; this created some issues that traditional acoustic solutions could not easily solve.

Allsfär Acoustics

Eco, practical and stylish

Allsfär acoustics were the perfect option to tackle both the echo and blank walls, all whilst respecting value for money. The screens are made in the UK, each made from at least 270 up-cycled plastic bottles, and are hypoallergenic in a range of colours. Bespoke patterns are cut perfectly with water jets and the possibilities are endless.

The hexagon shape is part of the Kingspan brand and we used the ‘cut outs’ to mirror the panel on the opposite wall to maximise the sound absorbency and visual effect. Each room had its own brand colour so we had maximum effect and zero waste! Our long standing relationship with Kingspan helped us identify this product as perfect for their strong environmental values.

Teams Together

Intimacy through interior design!

The most heart warming aspect of this project was the ambition to create spaces where teams truly felt connected and together, even if not physically in person. We can all appreciate this, after what feels like an age of Zoom calls, video chats and virtual meetings. Now more than ever, we need to feel part of our team. This mission was aided through the custom made, trapezium shaped table tops (via Buronomic), that the partnering teams on video chats would also have. Two large screens mean even when screen sharing, there is always a visual of who you are talking to. Thanks to the mirrored coordinating tables and decor at the other end of the call, everyone feels like they are all around the table together, as a unified team no matter where in the world.

It’s been so admired by staff, that team members working remotely from home, are using photos of the room’s acoustics as their video call background for total consistency and unity!

This is an admirable and inspiring example for us all in this new age of digital business which Office Envy was proud to be a part of. Happy customers equal happy teams!

We love creating life enhancing spaces, so please reach out if you have any queries or room for improvement in your workplace!

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