Is work email affecting your health?

Achieve better work-life balance

Are you constantly checking your phone for work messages?

Are you one of the growing number of people that takes their phone to bed at night?

Do you check your phone before you brush your teeth in the morning?

If you answer YES to any of these questions you are not alone, and it could be affecting your health.  You need to switch off and take control.  You can thank us for it later. 🙂


Switching off

• 48% of workers reply to emails within 15 minutes on average
• 71% of men and 58% of women have their work email on their personal smartphone
• Almost 50% of people check their work email on weekends and evenings
• 25% of people check work email while they are on holiday
• Only 4% of people say they never feel pressured to take action to emails immediately
• 80% of people check their smart phones within 15 mins of waking up


Taking control

• Break the cycle of checking your emails by being disciplined
• Decide the times during which you will check your phone and stick to them
• Reduce the time you check your phone gradually if going cold turkey is too stressful
• Get used to switching your phone off at weekends and during the night
• Never take your phone to bed, leave it on silent in the kitchen
• Think positive thoughts in the morning when you wake up, not “I wonder what is on my email”

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