Sit-stand movement

The business case for sit-stand working

Common Work Related Ailments

Your workplace doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck…or the back!

Fellowes have commissioned a paper looking into the problems of the modern office, the health-motivated employee and transformative benefits of Sit-Stand working.

By introducing more active movement to the working day, businesses can ensure that their staff avoid suffering from the posture problems that sit at the root of so many health issues and which hit the bottom line. They can demonstrate that they want their well-being investment to contribute to wider health goals. They can also show talented staff that they want them to work at their best, and are prepared to invest to ensure that can happen. Encouraging simple activity is growing increasingly urgent and why Sit-Stand workstations should be an integral part of the well-being plan for every ambitious, modern business. That way everyone can realise the benefits of being part of a new workplace well-being movement.

The full report is available from and you can also find more information on how to join the Sit-Stand movement.

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