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Office Envy is truly passionate about healthy and inspiring workplaces. We appreciate the shift to the home office has been difficult for some… and in many cases, the dining room chair and table are still being endured. It is so important for your body, mind, and performance, that you work in an ergonomic way. That is why we are pleased to announce the new Lavoro sit-stand desk range is now available at our online store!

We have been selling ergonomic chairs to happy customer across the UK for 24 years and delighted to now offer an online range to fit out your home office! From chairs, desks and accessories – we have got you covered!

We have been working with Lavoro for some time, utilising the many benefits of their height-adjustable desks in commercial offices. Their high-quality products have an impressive adjustable range of heights, as well as offering incredible versatility in the workplace. They are also invaluable in the home office, with a wide range of sizes and a host of benefits. Plus, their next day delivery makes it the perfect addition to our next day delivery chair catalogue!

What's all the fuss about?

What is a sit-stand desk? 

Another word for a ‘height-adjustable’ desk is a ‘sit-stand desk’, which makes perfect sense when you think about what they do. To put it briefly, a height-adjustable desk is a desk that allows the user to alternate between standing and sitting whilst working.

Why do you need one? 

It’s quite simple – the longer you sit at your desk in the same position, the more chance you have of developing many health problems. There are a few simple ways to help ease this, such as sitting in dynamic mode if your seat allows this function, taking breaks and walking during your lunch break, however, we know the reality of the day-to-day grind all too well. Sometimes you must crack on and it can be frustrating if that means being glued to a chair. To combat this, you may want to consider investing in a height-adjustable desk and ergonomic chair, and put your wellbeing top of the list!

The health benefits of a height-adjustable desk

Weight Loss 

Weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than you burn, and when you are sat at a desk for the majority of your day, it is likely that you will notice some form of weight gain. One of the simplest ways to reduce this is to choose to stand instead of sit. If you choose to stand instead of sit every afternoon, you could burn an extra 1000 calories per week, it is as simple as that!

Prevents ailments 

While sitting for long hours can increase health risks, height-adjustable furniture allows you to break this cycle and can help reduce the risk of back pain, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension and fatigue.

Improved quality of sleep

Lack of movement throughout the day can make it more difficult to sleep at night, so alternating between sitting and standing can help you sleep better.

Heart Disease 

When you choose to transition from sitting to standing, you in turn lower the risk of heart disease significantly. Heart disease is the number one killer in not only the UK, but the world and this is not a close call either. Scientists have developed a much greater understanding of the effects of sitting on heart health, with prolonged sedentary time thought to increase the risk of heart disease by up to 147%.

There is no doubt, spending more time on your feet reduces this risk significantly.

Improved Mood and Energy Levels

Standing desks appear to have a positive influence on overall well-being. In one 7-week study, participants using standing desks reported less stress and fatigue than those who remained seated the entire workday. Additionally, 87% of those using standing desks reported increased vigour and energy throughout the day.



Don't believe us?

Check out this video, explaining how the sit-stand desk has helped one personal trainer and happy customer!

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