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Private Spaces & Open Plan Offices

Want some alone time?

Toyota Office - Deeside

We often don’t get much choice in our office’s  building layout.

Whether there are small rooms, awkward columns or low ceilings, there can be challenges in making an office work for your team. Open plan offices are no exception. This seemingly simple office layout can present its own challenges. Whether it is connecting with your team, noise carrying or even breaking the monotony and adding some excitement into the room… it can be tricky.

You may have seen on our Instagram (or other social media sources) about our lovely customers at Toyota (Deeside branch). They were looking to carve out some private space, without remodelling with expensive or disruptive building work. Trudy is a great listener and worked closely to understand their needs. She proposed creating some break away areas using some great value but stylish pieces from Citrus Seating and Balma.

A variety of pieces were used to offer different zones depending on the need. A stylish booth with acoustic panelling and power points offered a more private space, where as the coordinating sofas and stools were tailored towards a more informal catch up. We even installed an oval table (with power supply) perfect for smaller team meetings.

These new spaces are not only helpful at a practical level, they offer a visual uplift to the space and a mental invigoration too! A change of scenery can be powerful. Stepping away from your desk has a whole host of benefits that we are delighted to help provide. By providing a nice breakout space away from the stress and noise of the main office, employees are able to reflect on tasks and think clearly. It can encourage relaxation and social interaction; meaning employees arrive back at their desks feeling revived, refreshed and ready to do their best work.

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