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Classic Blue

pantone colour of the year

     pantone classic blue i29 chair

Over the past, 20 years, Pantone has been releasing their ‘Colour of Year’. The process of choosing this prestigious colour takes a lot of consideration and trend analysis. Pantone’s colour gurus comb the world for inspiration, taking notes from films, travel destinations, art as well as considering socio-economic conditions. This decision goes on to influence a wide variety of industries, including, interior design, fashion, graphic design to name but a few.

For 202o, Pantone chose the timeless PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue is simple yet elegant. Pantone say it is ‘ suggestive of the sky at dusk’ suggesting calm, rest and reassurance. It is a colour that has been described by Pantone as ‘dependable and stable’. Classic Blue is said to aid concentration, re-centre thoughts and aids reflection and resilience. Perfect for a workspace environment in our opinion!

Here at Office Envy, we love seeing what is new and exciting in the world of design. We appreciate anything that gets the creative juice flowing so were delighted to take inspiration from colour industry leaders such as Pantone. Upon hearing the news, we commissioned a bespoke piece from our favourite ergonomic chair supplier Hood Seating.

pantone classic blue i29 chair     classic blue ergonomic chair

Hood Seating offer a wide range of upholstery options. They offer various mesh designs (plain, stripe, geometric, leaf, etc), durable fabric options for those preferring a foam seat and even leather. All high-quality materials are rigorously tested and a designed to last. We found a great match to the Classic Blue shade in Hood’s fabric selection and chose the leaf mesh, combined with a the plush, fabric upholster foam seat. To echo the relaxing qualities of the colour, we chose the super comfortable, top of the range, i29 model.

The i29 boasts one of the most competitive mechanisms on the market, with the all important dynamic movement (which aids circulation and prevent back problems) , exceptional lumbar support and the option to recline at any point to sooth any aches and pains. Often favoured by those with back problems or injuries, we thought it was the perfect vehicle for the Colour of the Year!

The i29 is available to buy from our online store here in all black (in all mesh or with a fabric seat). Many are kept in stock and available for FREE next day delivery!

Visit our Deeside showroom to try our chairs for yourself or call us to find out which chair suits your personal needs best!
Read more about Colour of the Year on Pantone’s website here.

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