Holiday Prep

Getting organised before you go on holiday

If you enjoy the return to work after a holiday, you are on your own! Post holiday blues, also known as a holiday hangover, is an actual thing, and it is even in the dictionary as “the terrible feeling you get when returning to work after more than two day’s holiday”. But is there anything we can actually do to make it slightly easier on ourselves?

Mourning the loss of sangria at sunset is one thing, but add into that the pile of paperwork you left on your desk, the deadline for your report that is the day after you get back and the fact that you forgot to ask anyone to cover for you while you were away, and you’ve got a back to work shocker on your hands.

Let’s be honest, going back to work is never going to be good, but we can reduce our anxiety while we are away, and the dreaded night before, just by getting ourselves organised before we go. Here are our top tips for getting organised before you go so that your return to work is a happier one.




Shred, bin or file everything so that your desk is left an oasis of calm. We love Avery’s Index Makers to help personalise and organise your filing.


Lie. Yep you’ve got it, lie about when you are coming back to give yourself a day in the office to catch up when no-one was expecting you. We love this, but you will only get away with it once so use it wisely.


Don’t book any meetings or conference calls for the first few days back, keep the stressful stuff for week two.



Get a colleague you trust to send you an update of what you have missed the day before you return and get them to check your desk so you don’t walk into a wall of paper work. Tell them you will do the same for them.


Do lunch, get out for a walk or catch up with a friend, you can bore them with your holiday snaps while you are at it.

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