Do you dread Mondays?

Top tips to beat those Monday blues


We asked you to tell us if you ‘dread Mondays’ and unsurprisingly most of us have some degree of ‘Oh no, here we go…’ when it comes to preparing for work on a Monday. We’re not alone though, research carried out by the mental health charity Mind found that 66% of people experienced ‘Sunday Blues’ and it seems that women are more prone to feeling down, with 71% citing feeling a bit rubbish compared to 62% of men.

And as if to rub salt in the wounds, the same research study found that  a third of women either comfort eat or drink alcohol to help take their mind of what is in store on a Monday! Stats out of the way (they only confirm what a lot of us feel anyway), we’re going to have a look at how we can make Mondays great (or at least ok) again.


End the week with a full on, full stop!

One of the main reasons we dread Mondays is because we’re not switching down properly on a Friday. Leaving tasks unfinished, the whole ‘I’ll sort it on Monday – take me to after-work drinks now!’ mindset is to blame but minimising the fear is not as hard as it sounds. Try not to schedule too much work for a Friday afternoon, instead use this time to finish up all the tasks that have been dragging on over the week. Not only do you get a lovely sense of accomplishment, you’ll be starting the week with a fresh set of jobs, so there will be nothing hanging over your head throughout the weekend. Write out your to-do list for Monday before you go and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running on Monday.

Additionally, while we’re planning for Monday on a Friday, sort out your work gear (bag, clothes, etc.) on a Friday when you get home. No more rushing around on a Monday morning!

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