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C19 - Last in the build tutorial trilogy!

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Is your home office still not quite right? That old chair not doing your back ache any good? Well, the C19 may be just what you’re looking for. It’s a work from home wonder! Following the success of our previous videos, Director Trudy shows us just how easy it is to build at home! The last instalment of our chair build tutorial trilogy (check out our YouTube channel here for all other videos)!

The C19 is the entry-level chair from the Hood Seating Fast Track range. This small but powerful chair has traditionally been the favourite ‘contract chair’, often being used in large projects and offices. Now however, it has become a firm favourite of home workers across the UK!

Perhaps you have a small office space? If you can’t accommodate one of the larger chairs (such as the back ache buster i29!) then the C19 may be perfect for you. It’s compact design and small footprint mean it doesn’t take up much space.

The clean design has a soft mesh shaped back, which importantly comes up slightly higher than most chairs of this size, offering great back and shoulder support and makes it deceptively comfortable (many who sit on this are shocked at how comfy it is!). There are 3 easy to use controls – Seat height, Seat tilt and direct tension control.


This chair offers dynamic movement! Rarely does an entry level chair such as this, have such a sophisticated mechanism. This means it will support your back whilst sitting upright, but also offer a gentle push back to keep your body moving and increase blood flow. (So important!) The direct tension control underneath, adjusts the weight balance of this all important feature, meaning the resistance can be tailored to accommodate users between 8 and 23.5 stone (Certified to British Standard 5459).

The chair comes with a standard length gas stem however, if you are particularly short or tall, we can provide you with a short or tall gas stem at no extra charge – Just call us to arrange this. The various stems reduce/give an extra inch or so to the seat height, which can make all the difference. We believe everyone should sit right!

The comfortable upholstered cushion and soft mesh back are rigorously tested and can be easily cleaned (important in today’s sanitised world!).


Our previous tutorial videos have proven very popular and helped many ‘at home’ customers, as well as reassuring potential buyers of the ease of set up. We hope this will be no different. Watch the video below and see for yourself!

Please get in touch if you have any questions… We love catering to any unique requirements!

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